Why do a blog, this is the question, there must be lots of good reasons, as of this writing there are over 600 million worldwide.  One has to look at their personal goals and what they are trying to accomplish.  You could be doing it to show the world what you care about, to influence people, to market your business, to put your brand out there, or simple interaction with a community of self minded individuals.  Here are 5 of the main reasons that I have started a blog:

  •  Help people learn what you have to offer.  We all have a unique skill set that we learned from all of our life experiences.  This is a great way to share what you have and discover ways that it can benefit those who read your blog.  We have things inside of us that we don’t give ourselves credit for.
  • Express your feelings, passion, knowledge, and skills.  When we are blogging, we need to show that we believe in what we are doing.  I want to help people. To do that, I need to be able to communicate with the people that are coming to my blog.
  • Become part of a group that is all going in the same direction.  We are all trying to learn how to be successful online.  To do that, we have to be willing to help each other.  If I help people, everything else will fall into place.  By finding a group of people that believe the same as I do, nothing but good things can happen.
  • Learn and create opportunities.  By building a blog, writing daily, reading what other people have to say, you are laying the groundwork that has the potential to change everything in your life.  The more you learn, the more confidence you will have.  There is an incredible amount to learn; you just have to pick an area and start.
  • Taking action.  You started a blog you are writing posts.  New people are coming into your life.  Instead of just looking on from the sideline you are making a move.  Even if you make a mistake, we all do, you will be moving in a good direction.  If you do nothing, nothing happens.

Starting a blog is putting yourself out there for everyone to see is scary, but it is good.  If you have something that you can teach, something that will help others, you need to put it out there. Finding the right way to do that is the tricky part.  I listed 5 reasons why there are many more.  My goal is to develop a focused blog that has useful information.  I will develop products and launch them.  Fortunately, I have help in this area.  I believe everyone should have a mentor to help them on there journey, here is mine.


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